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 Fall Home Ownership Tips…


For most, the home is their family’s biggest investment. Here are some fall tips for keeping yours in tip top shape!


Hire a chimney sweep. Fireplaces are a lovely addition to a home, but can be dangerous if not cared for. Be safe and hire a chimney sweep every year to inspect and clean yours!


Clear the clutter from the gutters! Clogged gutters can cause roof and water damage and a safe haven for unwanted critters! Be sure to clear them at least once a season.


Heating system check. Be sure your filters are changed regularly and to help ensure your system is in

top shape for the colder climates—hire a professional to give it a check up and a thumb’s up!


Seal the cracks! Now’s the perfect time to make sure your home will keep the warm air in, the cold air out and your heating bill down! A little time and a fresh few tubes of caulk around your doors and windows should do the trick!


If you’re not “handy” or are just too busy these days and need an extra hand, call me. I’ve got a list of trusted professionals I can refer that can help you with all of these seasonal chores and more!

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