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Understanding the meaning of "agent" is the first step toward success...

Real estate transactions rank among the most important financial moves that most people will ever make. As a real estate professional, I understand this and want you to be fully aware of your representation options.

In real estate, "agent" refers to the nature of the fiduciary responsibility that exists between you and your chosen real estate professional. Having a complete understanding of this relationship is the first step toward working together to achieve your real estate goals.

A real estate professional becomes your agent only after a legally-binding document is signed by both parties. As your agent, that REALTOR® has a legal obligation to protect your best interests in every facet of the transaction.

Real estate professionals traditionally worked as agents of the seller, not the buyer. Their loyalties and responsibilities were only to the seller. REALTORS® working with buyers acted as "sub-agents" of the seller.

That has changed. Today's buyers often retain real estate professionals to represent their own financial and legal interests when purchasing a home. The term is
"buyer's agent."

Whether you're a buyer or a seller, call me today to learn more about the benefits of having an agent on your side for all of your real estate transactions.

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